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Instrument Sales

Luode also sell water quality, flow and air quality measuring devices and manufacture measuring stations.

Our principle is that we only use the best available measuring devices suitable for Northern conditions. We test all devices we use and we are constantly looking for new devices on the market.

We use the same equipment to produce our own measurement services, which allows us to guarantee versatile availability of spare equipment and spare parts, as well as comprehensive maintenance services.

We offer our customers support in equipment selection based on our long experience in the field, as well as guidance in equipment installation and maintenance.

We offer measurement systems for:

Environmental measurements, both in fresh and marine water.

Domestic water, from raw water to waterworks and water supply networks.

Industrial needs, from raw water to various process industry applications.


Instead of purchasing, you can also choose our rental or measurement service.

Contact us and we will find the best solution for you!


EXO multi-parameter sensors for water quality measurement.

-temperature and conductivity
-organic matter

Environmental measurements in ditches, rivers, lakes and the sea, and stormwater.

Measurements of domestic water in intake and distributor network.

Measurements of industrial water quality in raw and waste water.


TriOS spectrophotometers and fluorometers for measuring water quality, oil, blue-green algae, organic matter and algae levels.

– nitrate and nitrite
– organic matter
– algae
– oil

Environmental measurements in ditches, rivers and lakes.

Measurements of domestic water in raw and distributor network water.

Industrial measurements in raw and waste water.


s::can spectrophotometers and sensors for real-time water quality monitoring

-raw water early warning systems for industry and water supply
-network water quality in pressure pipes
-spectrophotometric measurements in industrial waters.

E.g. algae measurements on beaches, oil measurements in storm water and nitrite measurements in fish farming.


Soluble metals and phosphate phosphorus collectors for water quality monitoring.

-phosphate phosphorus concentrations in natural waters
-soluble metal concentrations in natural waters
-phosphate phosphorus and soluble metals in stormwater
-soluble metals in process tanks and waste water


Continuous bacteria monitoring

-monitoring of bacteria levels in swimming pools
-bacteria levels in stormwater
-monitoring of bacteria levels in raw water and network water

Detection of E.coli or coliform bacteria in network water
monitoring of bacterial levels in industrial raw and waste water


Flow meters for measuring flows in natural lakes and stormwater networks.

-acoustic flow and flow velocity measurement in natural streams, ditches and pipes, also under ice cover.


Weather, air quality and odour measurements for continuous air quality monitoring.

-wind speed and direction

Particulate matter
-fine particles
-total particles

Air quality
-carbon dioxide
-nitrogen oxides
-sulphur dioxide

Odorous gases
Measurement of methane and volatile organic compounds.

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